Upton Ultra 50 2017

17 Apr 2017

Ultra Running Events are a new venture for Cube and we are drawing on our experience in motorsport to create a challenging, but most accessible, Ultra Run.

Many existing Ultra Runs are linear in style, which can prove to be a logistical challenge for those runners who have to organise transport between start and finish. The Upton Ultra is taking its format from the tried and tested rally model: ‘centralised servicing’.

Cube’s Andy Moss, the Upton Ultra Event Director, played a key role in the development of centralised servicing during his role as Team Manager of the 555 Subaru World Rally Team at Prodrive. Traditionally, rallies required significant amount of support vehicles and personnel to provide the level of technical cover required to keep the cars running in an event. It was during a particularly challenging Rally Argentina, that Andy brought together his fellow team managers and persuaded them to cooperate and set up a central servicing area. The change was hailed as a logistic breakthrough.

The Upton Ultra has been similarly organised, with the start, mid point and finish all in the same location. Throughout the event, the central area will be a permanent base for event control, medical facilities, competitor parking and equipment storage. The new format will also provide two clear legs, enabling those competitors wishing to develop their running skills, to compete over a shorter distance.

Based in Upton Upon Severn, the event will cover a 50 mile route. The first leg will see the runners travelling west over the Malvern Hills, passing the Beacon and then returning to Upton. The second leg will leave Upton and head east towards Bredon Hill, up and around the Tower, before returning back to the finish in Upton.

Upton Upon Severn is a very hospitable town, host to many sporting events and festivals. Apart from a challenging run, expect plenty of atmosphere, fun and support!

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