White Paper for Stadium Branding Sets Industry Standards

21 Apr 2017

Cube will be joining forces with international branding experts Doublet to produce a White Paper and set the industry standard for Stadium Branding.

The paper will include a full analysis of current venue branding, as well as stakeholder communications, in a wide range of sports stadiums throughout Europe. The growth in new stadiums, stadium redevelopments and the modernisation of older facilities can often lead to a fragmented branding and communication platform.

Whilst advanced technologies, state-of-the-art digital screens, higher quality print and new materials are all playing a part in the redevelopment of global stadiums, these have invariably led to a disconnected world of venue branding, signage and advertising. As new technology arrives, stadiums and venues have embraced the advancement and deployment of new equipment in offering enhanced branding opportunities and new ways in which to communicate with fans and consumers. These investments are, of course, welcomed and applauded, however they have invariably led to a disjointed situation on site.

Together with Doublet, we are looking to rewrite the branding and communication rule book and provide a holistic solution for modern day venues. We are looking to provide a solution in how to optimise past, current and future technologies and how to communicate these effectively and efficiently across the board. Our approach will be all encompassing, from outside the perimeter gates, taking into consideration first view, image and perception, right through to the detail of venue facilities advertising and changing room psyche.

Our in-depth approach will involve focus groups from all areas of the stadium and from all parties affected by branding and signage. The group will include sponsors, commercial partners, fans, players, staff, contractors and local residents. It is only by fully understanding the impact that a venue has on each of these individuals, and the role these individuals play, that a venue can start to piece together a meaningful and connected communications plan for branding, signage and advertising. It is our belief, given the investment stadiums make in this area, that an effective solution should be sought, one that delivers the marketing results needed and has the desired effect on each of the individuals targeted.

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