On-Event Retail: Cube Delivers Striking NFL Retail Structures in London

Cube was delighted to be commissioned to install all the on-event retail structures for the NFL London Games which took place at Wembley Stadium this month.

In addition to the event day programme, Cube installed a 30m retail unit in Central London’s Regent Street for the NFL London Games Promotion.

nfl london games 100m merchandise shop
nfl london games regent street party

The first retail unit was installed at Wembley Stadium’s yellow park. A most impressive 100m x 12m structure, erected with a very imposing 4.5m high internal retail display wall. The retail unit wall built from 150 sheets of MDF, whilst the interior of the unit contained an amazing 70 front counter units, 33 lengths of 600mm worktop and 1000 3m length tensa barriers. The view from one end of the structure to the other was incredible, both daunting and extraordinary.

The store was split into two identical retail displays, allowing the fans to queue in two channels, thus speeding up transactions and reducing the fans’ waiting time. The fan park’s capacity of 29,000 visitors, which peaked on several occasions throughout the day, provided a wonderful atmospheric experience for all fans.

In addition to the super store, Cube also installed two 15 meter and two 12 meter fully branded NFL retail structures on the outer concourse at Wembley.

Both games were near capacity and provided the British public with a first hand experience of NFL in action.

nfl london shop
nfl london shop crowds

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