Cube At NFL London Games 2019

Cube has been working at the NFL London Games for many years, having installed ‘quick turnaround’ retail structures on Regent Street, as well as record-breaking 100m structures at Wembley Stadium.

For 2019, the Cube brief was to supply, install and manage event retail structures, varying in size, for each match day held at Wembley and Tottenham Hotspur stadiums.

The NFL London 2019 Build Stats

42 Crew Members
144 Build Hours
400 Components
1000 Internal Capacity
3140 Visitors per hour


At the Tottenham Hotspur Stadium the Cube team supplied and installed two 6m x 2.4m modular retail units for the Click ’n’ Collect programme for both matches held at the stadium. We were also in charge of the post event stock management.

nfl london games 2019
nfl london games 2019

At Wembley stadium, the Cube team were responsible for the build, installation, shop-fit and match operational management of the large 90m 20m event superstore. Built in the yellow car fanzone, this main attraction was able to accommodate 1000 fans at any one time. Externally, a queue management system was set-up which enabled another 1800 eager fans to wait for their entry into the store in an orderly and safe fashion.

Inside the superstore, alongside a fabulous range of team and event merchandise, Cube built eye-catching static displays as well as a fully-equipped podium for a live DJ. Cube was responsible for designing the shop layout and creating optimum shopper-flow and fan experience, as well as ensuring the safety of all fans, retail staff and security personnel on site throughout the day.

The NFL Wembley event, which Cube has been involved in for many years, is always an exciting but challenging project. Not only due to the great number of fans it attracts and the large-scale structure that it requires, but also due to the short turnaround time given for the build and breakdown of this structure . Both the build and the breakdown of the superstore need to be completed within a 4- and 3-day window, respectively. Ensuring that we meet these deadlines for the 90m store means a lot of very careful planning, co-ordination and scheduling precision.

nfl london games 2019

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