Cube brings historic Lombard Rally Bath to the picturesque Great Tew Estate in the heart of the Cotswolds

Cube Management brought the historic Lombard Rally Bath to the Great Tew Estate in the heart of the Cotswolds on 23rd October 2021.

Cube, having worked with the Great Tew Estate for many years, organising motorsport events at the historic Cotswold venue since 1995, was brought on board to manage the event for its many fans, spectators, drivers and on-event personnel.

The Lombard Rally, a retro rally event celebrating its 45th year this year, offers a mix of stages where drivers are met with different views and challenges. At the Great Tew Estate event, this included the well known Amazon Grand Tour Racing Track.

Lombard Rally at Great Tew 2021 Mini

Cube, as the event organisers, looked after the spectator car parks, viewing areas and hospitality centres, and catered for the drivers and over 70 VIP guests. Drivers included Stuart Pegg and world champion Louise Aitken-Walker who both joined the guests for lunch in the marquee viewing area.

During the lunch break, the retro rally cars were parked in the area next to the main straight, allowing all spectators to get up close to the cars and meet the drivers. Cube also facilitated the public areas for the many spectators, including managing the provision for bar, catering  and toilet facilities across the site.

Additional facilities on the day included stands selling rally memorabilia, an on-the-day ticket office, a large viewing screen and a PA system installed by Elonex outdoor Media.

The event was a great success, with all three organisers, Cube Management, Lombard Rally Bath and The Great Tew Estate, working together to bring a magical day to retro rally fans and the event spectators.

Lombard Rally at Great Tew 2021
Lombard Rally at Great Tew 2021
Lombard Rally at Great Tew 2021

It was fantastic to host the Lombard Rally this weekend on the Great Tew Estate. It was really super to see the retro rally cars racing and a great turnout from spectators.

We look forward to working with Cube again in the not too distant future!

Nicholas Johnston

Owner, Great Tew Estate

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