'Don't Pass It On' Hand Sanitiser Stations

The Original Hand Sanitiser Station – as seen at venues, events, hospitals, supermarkets and businesses across the UK

hand sanitiser wall at cheltenham races
joe hart hand sanitises at cheltenham festival

Cube Management‘s ‘Don’t Pass It On!’ hand sanitiser stations have provided public venues with a simple method to support hand sanitation for visitors and staff in order to try and help mitigate the spread of Coronavirus. The hand sanitiser stations, tried and tested at the Six Nations Championship and at Cheltenham Festival, before lockdown, have since been deployed at other high traffic locations, including hospitals, airports and supermarkets.

Manufactured to order in the UK, the portable stations are designed to offer a highly visible public health communication opportunity to encourage engagement and provide an effective means of cleaning hands and reducing the spread of Covid-19.

Key Features:

  • Highly visible public health communication opportunity
  • Equipped with 10 dispenser units
  • Tailor-made designs also available upon request
  • Customised branding
  • Hand sanitiser gel available upon request
  • Quality engineering
  • Simple to install and relocate
  • Turnkey solutions – units delivered ready for immediate use
  • Rapid deployment to locations across the UK
  • Available for purchase or hire

Hand hygiene is still considered the single most important method of preventing cross infection and have become the norm at most public venues. Whilst soap and water should be used regularly to ensure clean hands at any time, applying hand sanitiser gel on clean hands will decontaminate them fully – a practice well-established by staff at hospitals and within the food industry. Good hand hygiene habits will not only reduce the risk of infectious germs being transferred to others, it also reduces the risk of an infection being transmitted to the individuals themselves.

Now, with venues and events getting ready to re-open, the units are once again being manufactured for the events industry, with branded hand sanitiser stations having been delivered to Arsenal FC, in readiness for the return of the Premier League, as well as to England Cricket, in preparation for their three-day test against the West Indies.

Part of the Cube International group, Cube Management is at the forefront of reimagining and redefining how events, brands and businesses connect and engage with their spectators, fans and visitors across the globe.