Cube delivers Event Venue Branding for Special Olympics GB National Games in Sheffield

15 Aug 2017

On-Event Retail at SOGB National Games is Huge Success in Sheffield.

Cube Management tendered for the retail franchise of the 2017 SOGB National Games and we were delighted to be successful in being awarded the opportunity.

Our task was to create a limited range of products to offer on sale during the event and via an on-line web shop. The clothing range included a selection of branded low-cost cotton t’shirts, supported by a more advanced branded technical event tee as well as an event hoodie. The clothing was supported by event accessories, including event pins, key rings, flags, pens and caps. Everyone involved, from the competitors and staff to officials and spectators were delighted with the design of the range. It certainly brought some wonderful bright colours to the event.

For the sales operation, the Cube team installed retail units at a number of fixed sites and venues, and provided roaming sales staff to attend those venues which had lower capacities and attendances.

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