Cube to deliver Event Branding and Merchandising Special Olympics GB Flagship Event

12 Apr 2017

Cube have hit the road running this year, securing the branding and merchandising contracts for the 2017 Special Olympics GB National Summer Games. The event, held every four years, are the highlight of the SOGB athletes development programme and success can lead to participation in the International Special Olympics. The National Summer Games will be held in Sheffield on 7- 12 August.

The athletes will compete in a broad range of disciplines, hosted in 13 different venues spread across South Yorkshire, and will participate in an Opening Ceremony at Bramall Lane stadium, home to newly promoted Sheffield United Football Club.

Branding the event is a huge honour for our team and will mark the first time we are working hand-in-hand with our new branding partner, Doublet.

Each of the venues have their own challenges, from wide open spaces and susceptibility to wind to shared venues with members of the public. To achieve the visual impact of branding required, creative, innovative and sympathetic solutions will be sought. We have been to Sheffield to conduct the initial surveys and a planning process will now follow, outlining our recommendations and liaising with the event organisers to agree final positioning, quantities and budget.

During the run up to the event, we will be working closely with each venue and sports manager to ensure the solutions we propose are suitable, fit within the guidelines of each sporting discipline and create no distractions to the athletes. Strong branding and communication for the attending fans, supporters and media is also paramount. The event will be televised by both the BBC and ITV and will be covered extensively in the national and regional press.

Many of the key public areas are supported by local companies and sponsors and our events team will work closely with these partners to produce, deliver and install the required branding.

Post event, all branding will be removed and collated for distribution to the competing regions, providing the regional teams with some key SOGB legacy materials for their own venues and event promotions.

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