Cube Partners UK Sepsis Trust As Lifesaving Partner

2 Aug 2019

Cube Management is excited to announce its lifesaving partnership with the UK Sepsis Trust.

Formalising our relationship with the Trust is a major step forward in Cube’s business strategy to deliver exciting and creative revenue generating programmes for charities. We are very passionate in finding unique and innovative ways in delivering important core messages to target audiences.

Motivated by a personal experience regarding the trauma of sepsis, Cube Management’s MD Andy Moss clearly identified the UK Sepsis Trust as a key beneficiary of his company’s new initiative.

Andy Moss said: “I am absolutely thrilled that we’ve been given this opportunity to create a fabulous pilot programme for Cube’s new initiative.

A year ago, my fit, young, 16-year-old daughter, was at death’s door. Her, what we thought were, common flu symptoms turned into something much more serious: septic shock. The care she received from everyone at Worcester Hospital was second to none and we are very grateful and feel very blessed for the full recovery she’s made.

Sadly, not everyone is as lucky, and we are therefore wholly committed and fully focussed to spread the Trust’s message across the UK.

The UK Sepsis Trust achieves amazing results given the size of the team, and figure head Dr Ron Daniels has managed to create a significant amount of momentum to raise awareness of Sepsis and the challenges people face in early diagnosis.  Having such a dynamic leader is an inspiration to Cube and its team, and we look forward to creating significant steps forwards, and increasing awareness, through many exciting new initiatives.”

Dr Ron Daniels, CEO of the UK Sepsis Trust commented: “Sepsis affects a quarter of a million people in the UK every year, but awareness of the condition is still far too low. We are, therefore, so thrilled to be joining forces with Cube Management and to be working together to raise funds and vital awareness of sepsis and continue in our mission to end preventable deaths from sepsis.”

Cube’s first programme with the UK Sepsis Trust focuses on Cycle4Sepsis at Ride London, an integration of Street Velodrome and the Trust, which is being launched this weekend. It is expected that at least 50,000 visitors will visit Ride London Expo during the next few days, during which they will have the opportunity to try Cube’s Street Velodrome track.  Together with the support of Sepsis Trust volunteers, the Cube team will be promoting awareness of sepsis, distributing information and generally promoting the ‘Just Ask’ initiative.

The cycle programme will quickly be followed by another very exciting sports project, which we hope to announce in the next few weeks.

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