As event managers and organisers, the Cube team is a group of industry experts who have come together to create an innovative, trusted and creative events business.

The team has a huge amount of knowledge and experience, covering a diverse range of events in the world of motorsport, tennis, football, rugby, cricket, cycling, extreme sports, marathons, as well as many others.

We have been involved in the Olympics, F1, Cricket World Cup, World Rally Championships, European Football, Premier League, Australian Open, Wimbledon, Roland Garros, Premiership Rugby, Tour de France and The Davis Cup, as well as many Global Marketing Campaigns, National Product Launches, Regional Events and Local Community Programmes.

We pride ourselves on our passion and enthusiasm working with local businesses and communities whilst also providing an exceptional mainstream service to our national and international clients.


andy moss cube management event organisers
Mr Organiser
Mr Creative
Mr Problem-Solver

Andy Moss, aka Amos, is Cube’s charismatic and highly skilled CEO. A passionate leader, talented expert and undisputed team player, he has delivered exceptional results managing and organising events around the globe. His professionalism is second to none, conveyed in a relaxed, easy-going and approachable manner. He's just a top man.

 Motto: Be authentic and true to yourself


marijke cube management
Miss Digital Media
Miss Marketing
Miss Social

Marijke joins us from the global stage of world sport. She's looked after brands, sponsors and the media at many major tennis, motorsport and football events. Aside from her marketing flair, she brings with her an innate sense of style, technical know-how and an interrogative mind. If it's design and detail you’re after, she’s your girl.

Motto: Every business needs a bit of style


carl thompson cube management

Mr Logistics
Mr Compliance
Mr Caffeine

Carl is Cube’s MD who joined us from the world of cycling. As a logistics and compliance pro, every event he organises is meticulously planned and expertly executed. He has worked with some of the UK’s largest brands and has created event media with global reach. A lover of sport, Carl is particularly fond of cycling, motor sport and rugby.

Motto: To create change, first you need to inspire


dean brennan cube

Mr Sportive
Mr Charity

Cube’s event director, Dean, has worked in the industry for many years managing events at music festivals, venues, and for the UK Sepsis Trust. His considerable experience includes organising tours, stage builds, branding, immersive experiences and marketing. He’s an avid cyclist and expert DJ who shows no signs of retiring from either any time soon!

Motto: We carry the fire


scott law cube management

 Mr Design
Mr Bike
Mr Thrill Seeker

As a design, cad and retail specialist, Scott is one of Cube's skilled event managers. He is a brilliant solutions man: calm, capable, hands-on and full of resolve. He has worked with some of Europe’s largest sporting brands and, when at home, loves taking his bike on a series of downhill challenges where, often, he can be found in a muddy heap on the floor!

Motto: Problems are just solutions waiting to happen


brad cube management

Mr  Hands-on
Mr Tensa King
Mr Giggle

Brad is Cube’s youngest member. He’s passionate, driven and brings a youthful and enthusiastic vibe to the team. He has competed in a variety of sporting disciplines and is both a successful young motocross rider and an accomplished golfer. Always eager for new and exciting challenges, he loves travelling, keeping fit and snowboarding.

Motto: Life is for living, make the most of it


mark cox cube management

 Mr Education
Mr Team-Player
Mr Hockey International

Mark joins us from the world of education where he has spent 26 years motivating youngsters through his love of sport. His extensive experience as a teacher, coach, and as the organiser of many sporting events, has seen him inspire a whole new generation. He is also an active sportsman himself and currently plays international hockey for Wales.

Motto: Teamwork and hard work are at the heart of great achievement


lily evans cube management

 Miss Accounts
Miss Office
Miss Pink

Lily runs Cube’s office from both a book-keeping and organisational perspective. She’s brilliant at keeping our books up to date and, although she would be the first to admit her cooking skills are somewhat lacking, she makes a mean sandwich. In her spare time, she loves mountain biking. She’s also determined to bring as much pink into the office as possible!

Motto: Everyone should listen to The Scaffold’s ‘Lily The Pink’ song


steve moss at event consultancy cube management
Mr Client Services
Mr On-Event
Mr Calm

Steve focuses on our client services. Hugely knowledgeable and vastly experienced, he makes any event operation look easy. On-event he brings together our support teams, is unflappable and oozes enthusiasm. No Cube event would be complete without him and his fabulous ability to always deliver a coffee when needed.

Motto: Together we can get a great deal done


judith cube management
Miss StreetVelodrome
Miss Active
Miss Emerald

Based in Ireland, Judith is our StreetVelodrome business development director. She has extensive experience including organising large-scale music and sporting events and as editor of an award-winning magazine. Ed Sheeran concerts and Circuit of Ireland Rally are just a few of her claims to fame! She is also studying for a master’s degree and is a keen runner.

Motto: If you can conceive it and believe it, you can achieve it


rachel lyman

Miss Hospitality
Miss Projects
Miss Social Butterfly

Rachel is our hospitality guru and party queen. She has worked in the industry for many years and has been involved in the organisation of a host of corporate events, charity balls and weddings. She loves being sociable, is great at networking and is a real people person. Her outgoing and friendly personality is most infectious to all.

Motto: Much can be accomplished with a bit of hard work and a friendly smile