All About Sport


Cube Management is the sports event management division of Cube International, a group of integrated companies bringing unique, forward-thinking and game-changing concepts to the sports event, sports retail and modular portable building industries.

The Cube International group works with some of the world’s most iconic brands and events, as well as local event owners and organisers, and is widely respected for delivering inventive solutions, great experiences, and outstanding results.

Innovative and creative, with authenticity, collaboration and partnership at its core, the Cube team is at the forefront of reimagining and redefining how events, brands and businesses connect and engage with their spectators, fans and visitors across the globe.

Our aim is simply to rise above the norm and exceed our clients’ expectations.



Our values reflect not only who we are and how we do business, but also the culture that will enable us to deliver the results you are looking for:

INSPIRE – and excite through everything we say, do and deliver

INNOVATE – in thought and application

EMPOWER – people, brands and organisations to succeed

ADAPT – to navigate change, improve skills, refine approach and maximise opportunities

PROTECT – events, brands and reputations



We are relentless in our pursuit of excellence and uncompromising in our delivery of time critical strategic planning, end-to-end operational expertise and integrated event infrastructure.


We are inclusive and collaborative. Working in partnership with our clients, we fully immerse ourselves into their culture, ensuring that their goals are at the heart of everything we do.


We are at the forefront of redefining and reimagining how events, brands and businesses connect and engage with their audience.


We are flexible, providing uniquely crafted support and we are responsive to change, providing speed of thought and actions to ensure we can always deliver.


During the Coronavirus pandemic, when the global sports industry and much of the world was at a standstill, Cube worked hard to provide support for events and  businesses in the wake of WHO and UK Government guidelines.

Cube launched its ‘Don’t Pass It On’ hand sanitiser stations in March 2020; a simple concept to encourage hand sanitation for spectators, visitors and staff in public venues in order to help mitigate the spread of the virus. Tried and tested in the vigorous environment of sports events, at Twickenham Stadium during the England v Wales Six Nations match and at the Cheltenham Racecourse for the Cheltenham Festival, the units have since been deployed at venues and businesses across the UK, including the NHS frontline, airports, hospitals, supermarkets, exhibition centres, nursing homes and major businesses.

Working with expert partners from across the events industry, the Cube group is also actively involved in The Safe Event Scheme, a standardised process for ensuring events are planned, delivered and managed safely and responsibly. The scheme is set to become a benchmark for the sport, event and entertainment industries once they slowly re-emerge from lockdown and crowd pilot test schemes will again be tested.

cube and covid-19 hand sanitiser stations for events

Cube is all about people. We love to help our clients solve their problems and achieve their goals. We want to share our experience and expertise and, through our creativity, enable companies to deliver far more than they ever thought possible.

Andy Moss, Chairman